One-Time Open Work Permit for TR to PR Pathway Applicants Announced by IRCC

IRCC just introduced a one-time open work permit for applicants of the TR

“Our new path to permanent residence for 90,000 essential workers and international graduates is a major step forward—the size, speed and scope of which is unprecedented. This new open work permit ensures that those who have been playing critical roles throughout the pandemic can continue their extraordinary service. Our message to them is simple: your status may be temporary, but your contributions are lasting—and we want you to stay.”

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marco E. L. Mendicino announced a new open work permit for TR to PR Pathway applicants. This work permit will be available for the individuals who applied and are awaiting the results, for the recently opened pathway for permanent residency. 

The TR to PR pathway to permanent residency opened on May 6, 2021, introduced special public policies that will grant permanent residence status to temporary essential workers and international graduates who are already in Canada and have the skills and experience to fight the pandemic and accelerate the Canadian economic recovery! Now the applicants will be able to apply for a work permit while they wait for the result.

This comes after lots of people were struggling with the policy of not allowing a bridging open work permit with the TR to PR pathway. The introduction of this work permit was well-received. This is evident with the remaining spots for the Essential Workers stream (non-healthcare) stream filling up last night quickly after the news spread.

Impact on Temporary Status

The applicants of the new program will not have to worry about their temporary status expiring. They will be able to extend their work permit or apply for a new work permit under certain categories, such as post-graduation work permit holders. 

The one-time open work permit, issued under this policy, will be valid until December 31st, 2022. 

While the new work permit is being issued, applicants for work permit extensions may maintain their status and may be authorized to work without a permit under the same conditions as the original. This policy applies to those who applied for the work permit extension before their current one has expired. 

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What are the Eligibility Requirements?

Effective July 15, 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will begin accepting applications for this one-time open work permit from applicants that show that they: 

  • have successfully submitted an application under one of the new permanent residence pathway’s streams
  • held a valid work permit, or were authorized to work without a work permit, at the time their permanent residence application was submitted
  • hold a valid work permit that is set to expire within the next 4 months
  • have temporary resident status, maintained status, or are eligible to restore their status at the time their open work permit application is submitted
  • are in Canada at the time their open work permit application is submitted
  • were employed in any occupation at the time their permanent residence application was submitted
  • meet the language requirements of the stream under which they applied at the time their permanent residence application was submitted
An applicant’s spouse or common-law partner may also be eligible to apply for an open work permit if they are also in Canada. 
Applicants dependent children 18 years or older may also be eligible to apply for the open work permit if they are also in Canada. 

How can I apply?

The applications for the new one-time open work permit will be submitted online. Details about the application will be released by IRCC, on their website, on July 26, 2021.

Impact 2021 Immigration Levels Plan (401,000 New PR)

On October 30th, 2020 Canada announced it’s plan for immigration levels in the next three years (2021-2023). The annual immigration level plan determines the goal for how many permanent residents are expected to be admitted to Canada. This is further broken down into sub-categories which include a wide range economic programs, family sponsorship programs, and much more.

The plan for the next three years has been developed under consideration of COVID-19 and its impacts on the Canadian economy and permanent resident admissions. The 6 new streams will be crucial in driving jobs and long-term economic growth in Canada. Read more about the 2021 Immigration Levels plan here. 

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