Implications for International Students, foreign workers in Canada with the travel restrictions

What are the implications on International students, foreign workers in Canada with the travel restrictions

Following the severe travel restrictions implemented to flatten the COVID-19 curve, there is a panic among many, especially those who have plans to make Canada their permanent home and international students and workers in Canada who are in the middle of their work or study. 

Every passing week the Government of Canada & Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announces new exemptions and restrictions. IRCC recently updated on the implication for their clients since there is travel restriction to Canadians, permanent residents and families of Canadians to protect Canada from the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Is IRCC still processing application for Temporary and Permanent residency?

I have applied for an extension of my study permit, is my application processed?

I have applied for Post Graduate Work Permit application when I will be able to get my work permit?

I have applied for work permit extension, will IRCC process my application?

Are the processing times same as mentioned on the IRCC website?

As an international student of foreign workers in Canada, you may have several questions on your mind. IRCC is trying to answer as many questions as they can and are providing continuous updates on their website. 


The good news is that the applications are being accepted and processed. But the delays in the processing time is expected. Every country is imposing various restrictions that could vary from country-to-country. However, please note that foreign national, unless exempt, will have travel restrictions in place by their country or Canada. They may only be able to travel once these restrictions are lifted. 


That being said, specific steps providing biometrics, appearing for a medical exam, or obtaining police clearance can be challenging and may result in delays. They have mentioned that not providing biometrics on time or the ability to complete the medical examination will not be a ground for the refusal of the application. 

My Temporary residence/Work Permit/Study Permit will expire soon. I am in Canada. What should be my next step?

International students and foreign workers in Canada need to maintain valid status. IRCC recommends that you apply for an extension of status well in advance. There is no exception in not being in a valid status. We suggest you must start applying for your extensions before time. It is recommended that you apply for the extension of status as soon as you are able to. Contact us for any further support in processing the application. By applying for an extension of status before your current status expires, you can remain in Canada on an implied status. It is recommended to apply for an extension of work permit only online. IRCC has specifically mentioned that applicants should not go to the port of entry (POE) to apply for the extension through the border officer. Since travelling to the port of entry (POE) for obtaining the extension of status is not considered essential travel. Hence it is not recommended to go to the border.  

I am currently enrolled in a full-time program. However, my classes semester has moved on an online platform. How does this impact my post-graduation work permit application?

The good news is that this decision to move classes online is on an exceptional basis and will not impact your duration of post-graduation work permit eligibility. IRCC understands that this is a unique situation. However, international students need to abide by other rules and regulations of the study permit and make sure that they maintain their status through a valid Study Permit and apply for an extension of study permit well in advance if it is about to expire.

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