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Has your Canadian visa been refused?
Is your Canadian immigration application taking a long time for processing?
Are you looking to reapply for Canadian immigration?

You can request visa officer’s notes about your application today! Get started today with our quick and easy process.

If you would like assistance with submitting a request, feel free to give us a call at +1 604 484 9474. 

how to request your visa notes

Our simple process ensures your ATIP request is submitted quickly. Your request for visa officer notes will take approximately 4 weeks for IRCC to process. 


Complete the IMM5744 Form

This form authorizes us to submit a request on your behalf. It's a simple form that requires information about the main applicant and related individuals. Make sure you sign it with blue ink and take a colored scan of the document. You will be prompted to upload this form in step 2 of your request.


Submit Your

Simply fill out our request form to send us your information and the signed IMM5744 form. Please ensure all information you give us is accurate. You can contact us if you have any questions about the information required. We will submit your request within 2 business days once we have the required information from you.


Recieve Your
Visa Notes

You will receive a receipt number once your request is submitted. The average processing time for ATIP requests is 4 weeks. Once we receive the notes from IRCC, we will send them to you. You can book a consultation with us if you have any questions and want to understand the next steps for your immigration objectives.

pricing for requesting visa notes

request your canada visa notes

canada visa officer notes

Visa Officer Notes Only

This includes a status update for your application. If your application was refused, this will also include your visa refusal reasons which are important for the reapplication of your Canadian visa. All visa officer notes associated with your application are included. 

$ 0
canada visa officer notes

Complete File + Visa officer notes

This includes your complete application to IRCC, including any supporting documents you submitted, and all of the visa officer’s notes. This will also include any communication sent to/from IRCC about your application. 

$ 0
canada visa officer notes

Complete File + Consultation

This will include your complete application to IRCC and a guided walkthrough with an RCIC to understand the visa notes. This is helpful for understanding your exact reason for visa refusal and how you can improve your application. 

$ 0

Submit your request for visa notes

Frequently Asked Questions

request canada visa notes with chitra & Associates

You can submit your request for Canada visa notes at any time. However, it is recommended that you do so if the following apply to you:

  • Your visa application was refused.
  • You want to check the status of your visa for any reason.
  • You want to reapply for a Canadian visa and want to know why the previous application was refused.
  • You have a previous application completed by a representative and you want to make sure the right information / documents were submitted.
  • Your visa application is delayed beyond average processing time.
  • You been invited for an interview by IRCC and want to understand why.
  • IRCC has asked for additional documents to process your Canadian visa application and you want to know why.

You can request one of the following: 

  • Visa officer notes for your application including visa refusal reasons and any notes made by the visa officer in the assessment of your Canadian visa application, including the status of your visa application.
  • Your complete application, all supporting documents that have been submitted for your application, and any communication to/from IRCC. 

If your application was refused, it is important for you to understand why the visa officer refused your application. Once you have requested the visa officer’s notes, you should go through them to find the reason for refusal and gather supporting documentation to correct your application. If you would like advice on what to do after you have had a visa refusal, you can book a consultation with an RCIC. Professional consultants know how to understand visa officer’s notes and suggest the best way to fix your application. 

GCMS notes is an old terminology for ATIP request. This was previously known as GCMS notes, FOSS notes, and CAIPS notes. 

Under the new ATIP system, when we submit your request, we will be able to get all notes on your file or your complete file, as requested. 

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