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If you would like to speak to us before booking an immigration consultation, feel free to call us at +1 604 484 9474. 

* Please note that all of these consultation fees are adjusted in our retainer fees should you choose to retain our full representation services. For select review services, the consultation fees are adjusted in the full file review fee. Conditions Apply. 

immigration consultation

Ask Some Quick Immigration Questions

Book this if you have a quick immigration question
You can book this for Eligibility assessment for Express Entry
CRS Score Calculation & Improvement Guidance.

$ 0
immigration consultation

Book Your Initial Consultation

This is an Initial Consultation you can book before you retain our services for applications. During this consultation, we review your case and explore options. It is a general consultation where we can help you determine if you are eligible for immigration program. Retaining our service is purely optional. We adjust this fees in our retainer.

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talk to a regulated canadian immigration consultant (RCIC)

Your consultation is with a professional who is a Regulated Immigration Consultant.

eligibility assessment for multiple immigration programs

Canadian immigration is complex and we believe in exploring all your options before deciding on the best path to apply for your Canadian immigration.

walk out with a Defined strategy for canadian immigration

You don't have to retain our services to act on the strategy that we develop for you. We want to empower you by clearly laying out the best path for your immigration.

be in control of your application and get the flexibility you need

You can book a consultation on an as needed basis when completing your own application. We are there to help as questions come up. We provide honest, complete answers to your questions in each consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

immigration consultation with chitra & Associates

You can book a consultation for various reasons. For each of the consultations, these are the common reasons we see our clients booking consultations:

  1. Ask Some Quick Immigration Questions – this is normally used by individuals looking to ask any specific immigration question. You can also book this consultation if you would like to understand pathways to study or work. Clients often book multiple quick consultations to ask questions that come up. We also see clients booking these to understand Canadian immigration processes and how to proceed with an application. Clients who are unsure about their CRS score calculation use this to determine/confirm their score and ask about how they can improve it.
  2. Book an Initial Consultation – This consultation is for individuals looking to explore Canadian immigration programs. We assess your profile and explore different programs and options. This includes consideration of your profile for Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Study to Immigrate and other work visas. Our clients always walk out with a well defined path for their Canadian immigration. Normally, client use this before retaining our services for immigration applications. In case you retain our services, we adjust the fees paid. 
  3. Consultation for Business Immigration – This consultation is for businesses looking for answers to their immigration questions. Our clients use this consultation to get answers to specific questions related to global mobility and specific applications for their employees. Business owners or investors can also use this consultation to assess the best strategy for them to immigrate to Canada and open a Canadian branch/subsidiary/affiliate. 

If you have any questions about which consultation to book, or have a unique situation other than the above, feel free to give us a call or message us on Whatsapp at +1 604 484 9474. 

Intended for:

  • Individuals looking to explore pathways to study or have questions in relation to work permit or their status
  • Individuals looking to ask the process on how to apply
  • Individuals who are trying to understand the immigration process that applies to them
  • Individuals wanting to confirm their CRS Score & find ways to improve it

Common questions:

  • How to prepare certain documents in their immigration application
  • Where to find specific resources for completing their application
  • Questions about immigration rules and regulations
  • How a certain immigration application process works
  • Steps they need to take for applications in certain stages
  • CRS Score calculation

Intended for:

  • Individuals looking to get an assessment of their profile to determine the best path for their immigration
  • Individuals looking to retain our services for their application
  • Individuals completing their immigration applications on their own

Common questions:

  • What is the best immigration program to apply for given your background
  • Overview of immigration programs in Canada for individuals
  • Detailed questions about your immigration application
  • Ways to strengthen immigration applications 
  • How to respond to a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL)
  • Checking eligibility for immigration programs
  • Determining your NOC Code

Intended for:

  • Individuals looking to get an assessment of their profile to determine the best path for their immigration
  • Individuals looking to retain our services for their application
  • Individuals trying to explore different options
  • Individuals who are in complex immigration situations regarding status, inadmissibility, etc. and are looking for guidance

Common questions:

  • How to start working on a certain kind of immigration application
  • Guidance on completing immigration applications
  • Answering specific questions about resources for immigration application
  • Helping understand the impacts of inadmissibility, lack of status, etc. on your immigration prospects
  • Other technical questions about unique immigration matters where the individual needs guidance on how to proceed or would like to discuss before they proceed.

Intended for:

  • Business Owners looking to immigrate themselves
  • Business owners looking to apply for immigration for their employees
  • Business staff looking to understand immigration programs for recruitment (incl. Global Mobility)

Common questions:

  • What is the best immigration program to apply for given your business background
  • Overview of business immigration programs in Canada 
  • Detailed questions about your business immigration application
  • How to respond to a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL)
  • Eligibility assessment for business immigration programs including ICT, Start-Up visa, investor programs, and much more. 

If you retain our full representation services after the consultation, your consultation fee will be adjusted in the retainer amount for the service, if you retain our service within 30 days of the consultation.

*Conditions Apply. Please contact us to understand if you qualify for this and we will be happy to provide the discount. 

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