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work permit
Work Permits

We assist our clients with LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) based Work Permits, LMIA Exempt, Intra-Company Transfers (ICT), International Trade Agreements, Provincial / Territorial Agreements, International Experience Canada (IEC), Accompanying Spouse Work Permits, Post Graduate Work Permits

visitor visa
Visitor Visa or Business Visitor

Want to visit Canada as a tourist or visit your family in Canada? Getting a Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa) for Canada is what you need. We assist with both Visitor Visa as well as Business Visitor Visa.

business investor

Sponsoring a family member be it your spouse, common-law parter, conjugal parter, dependent child or another family members, you can depend on us to assist your with all the types of family sponsorship applications. We assist you in presenting the perfect application.

Admissions and Study Permit

Want to pursue education in Canada? Explore your options and plan for the future with these services. We assist clients in the admission process as well as applying for their Study Permits. We assist with applying for Spousal Work Permits as well as dependent study permits as well.

Permanent Residency (PR)

Want to get permanent residency for Canada? Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trade and Provincial Nominee Program are some of the options.

Canadian citizenship
Citizenship Application

Are you a permanent resident who is ready to apply for Citizenship? Book a Consultation to determine if you meet the Citizenship Criteria. We can assist you with the Citizenship Application.

work permit
Owner Operator Work Permits

If you are a Businessman who is looking to operate a business in Canada or you are already running a business and now would like to apply for a work permit for Canada, this may be one of the options. You may also apply for permanent residency for Canada through the Express Entry Program if you qualify.

visitor visa

Express Entry is the most fastest way for applying for the permanent residency for Canada if you qualify. You can use our service for complete representation, review the profile or the application or review the documents before submission.

business investor
Global Mobility Specialist

If you looking to transfer your employees and their family members to a branch, subsidiary or an affiliate or establish your branch, subsidiary or an affiliate in Canada and transfer your key employees, we may be able to assist you.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program offers pathway for immigration to International students, foreign works in Canada and also potential employees who have received a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Are you an employer looking to hire a Foreign Worker? We can assist you in applying for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). We can further assist the foreign worker in obtaining the work permit.

Canadian citizenship
Entrepreneur / Business Immigration

If you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Person who would like to apply for immigration program by investing and starting your own business, we can assist you.

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Who are we?

Canada Immigration Xperts is a brand of Chitra & Associates Immigration Consultants Inc. located at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Chitra & Associates Immigration Consultants Inc.

Canada Immigration Xperts Makes it Happen

We know that hard working and aspirational people like you deserve more in life, which is why we want to ensure the complexities of the immigration process never get in your way. By working with you step by step from the first moment to the last, we provide the immigration consultation services that allow you to:

  • Save Time by always taking the easiest route through the immigration process
  • Save Money by submitting the strongest possible application first time, every time
  • Save Energy by partnering with an expert team who will take care of the hard work so you don’t have to


Canada Immigration Xperts

Professionally handled by a Regulated Immigration Consultant.

Your case is professionally handled by a Regulated Immigration Consultant from start to finish.

A range of visa services that suit your requirements.

We offer a range of services to match your requirements. Whether you are looking for a complete service from start to finish or you are just looking for consulting on specific queries that you have in relation to your case, we can help with it all.

Visa consultation services provided in the comfort of your own home or office.

We provide services through Skype / phone meetings. This gives you the comfort of getting the best services right at the comfort of your home or office.

Flat fee, with no hidden charges or hourly billing.

We charge a flat fee for all the services in spite of the number of hours to take up your case. Sometimes the case may get complicated and may need more hours than anticipated, however, in most cases there will be no added charges for you.
Canada Immigration Consultant

Chitra Bhatia

“Chitra Bhatia is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Metro Vancouver, BC. She immigrated to Canada in 2011, starting her journey in Halifax, Nova Scotia and moving to Vancouver in 2015. Chitra is a graduate of Immigration Consulting Diploma is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, a member in good standing of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).”

Reviews From Our Clients

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'Enthusiasm, energy, dynamism and positivism… all of those bubble to the surface when interacting with Chitra. An excellent human being, with great interpersonal skills, I think she will go very far indeed in whichever profession she chooses. Don’t miss the reassuring smile, present even in the most trying circumstances.'

Sujoya Basu Assistant Professor
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I look forward to thanking Chitra & Associates Immigration for the great work they have done for my study permit. By gradually providing the requested documents, I was able to obtain my study permit in less than 4 weeks. I strongly advise you Chitra & Associates Immigration, who are trustworthy and can help you get what you want as soon as possible.

Malick Ndoye
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I think that i'm in love with Montréal guys ! This City is beautiful, people are so kind, adorable, it"s my first time in a different county beside mine ! i just want to thank Mme Chitra for helping me to get here ! Thank you for everything !

Mohamed Rassoul Ndoye

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